EVP, Managing Partner

Strategic Wireless Infrastructure Funds Management

J. Scott Riggs is an experienced telecommunications executive with over twenty-five years of operating knowledge associated with wireless and fiber networks. Mr. Riggs serves as the Executive Vice President of Operations for Strategic Wireless Infrastructure Funds Management and is responsible for procuring investments in, and operating, fiber and other infrastructure assets. Throughout his career he has been directly involved in approximately $4 billion of telecommunications acquisitions, dispositions and financings and has been primarily responsible for all aspects of infrastructure and operations applicable to the deployment and ongoing management of numerous cellular, PCS, wireless broadband and fiber networks.

Previously Mr. Riggs Co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Clearwave Communications, a regional fiber optic company located in southern Illinois. At Clearwave, he was responsible for securing approximately $50 million in federal, state and local grants along with $20 million in private equity to grow the company to one of the most successful regionally operated fiber optic start-up companies in the U.S. with a current market value well in excess of $300 million. He has also served on the Board of Directors and/or Board of Managers of various companies including among others, Waterford Consultants, Tri State business Equipment, and Southern Truss Bank.

Mr. Riggs previously served as Regional Vice President of Tritel, Inc. (d/b/a SunCom) where he was responsible for the network deployment and sales and marketing efforts for both Mississippi and Tennessee. He was instrumental in the successful over-sight and the development of the integrated network infrastructure and market launches which was deemed one of the most successful wireless affiliate transactions in telecommunications history.

Additionally, he served as General Manager of Mercury Communications, Inc. located in Jackson, MS a nationally recognized cellular management company that began operations in the early 1990’s. He directly secured and advised on numerous cellular operating transactions with values in excess of $65 million. He likewise served in various operating roles at other cellular operating and/or holding companies which Mercury was involved.

Prior to his tenure in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Riggs began his career in the Oil and Convenient Store business with Ashland oil d/b/a Superamerica (NYSE: ASH). Mr. Riggs served as Regional Manager over 50 properties that spanned over 15 states that operated Convenient stores with the Superamerica label.

Mr. Riggs is involved in various advisory roles with many telecommunication industry associations, local and state organizations, private foundations as well as educational institutions and charities including Southeastern Illinois College and Show Hope where he serves as an advisor. He is an active member of The Roads Church in Norris City. Mr. Riggs holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.